Plans and Expectations

 Hey, once a month. That’s more regular than I was expecting!

  So, went down to Kennedy Space center with members of the JREF forum and my baby sister. Had an awesome time, took lots of great pictures, saw a bald eagle that wasn’t supposed to be back yet, and annoyed some NASA people. Good times.
 No, scratch that, great times.

 Anybody who knows me knows I have confidence issues. I’ve got reasons why, but I won’t go over them here.
 It’s long past time I’ve tried to apply myself to things I enjoy. I usually undermine myself and exceed my own expectations at how poorly I’ll do.

 Going on trips like this, meeting good people and seeing cool things is something I don’t do often. Not nearly often enough.
 Each time I do, and I get back I always look around and feel well… disappointed in my accomplishments.

 Last time I had plans and events conspired to make them fall through.

 this time I’m more settled, even if where I’m settled isn’t where I want to be.
 So I’ve two things planned. the first is that I am working with members of the American Humanist Association to establish a Chapter in Pensacola.

 The second is, I have plans to start a podcast. I’ll talk about that later, but I’m getting with Dumbass, of the Dumbass media empire in order to get this accomplished.

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Coursera and stuff

So, second entry. What should I write about…

I dunno if anyone’s taken Coursera classes before, I’ve done Kahn Academy and it’s a little different here. The class I’m taking is one offered by Paul Offit, who teaches at the University of Pennsylvania.

I have to admit, it’s a pretty cool program. so far it’s covered the history and how the methods have developed over the years. Dunno when it’s next offered but I definitely recommend it.

I do find it interesting, how within a lifetime vaccines have gone from receiving praise due to stopping polio and smallpox and many childhood illnesses that used to plague the developed world, to now being suspicious both due to the post modernism movement which includes the “green, natural is good movement” and due to poor studies by researches with a obvious bias.

And yet despite that there’s still progress. I was reading how a species of mollusk has cells that can be used to develop vaccines against things we do to ourselves, like against heroin. This could help those people with a debilitating addiction to the drug.

The future seems bright.

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Allow me to Introduce myself

I have been encouraged to write this by people who encouraged me despite myself. Possibly they know not what they do, and in case that’s so, then I forgive them.

In any case I’ve apparently had this page registered for two years now, and not done anything with it. Which is something. In the last two, three years much has changed about my life. I went from being a liberal theist to an atheist. I learned about several who I now know to be popular and well known scientists that have had a large affect on me, as well as a number of authors and philosophers that have gradually pushed my mind to new thoughts and ideas.

I can’t say I’m a particularly thoughtful person, or a particularly well read one. Certainly I’m better read than I was, but I always seem to be well shy of my peers.

Which is fine, it gives me something to strive for, and having actually met some of my peers, if not face to face then by web and video chat, actually gives me some confidence I can achieve… something.

Whatever that something may be, I don’t know yet. Maybe writing this will help me figure it out, maybe it’ll just be a waste of time. Don’t know.

Anyway, about myself.

Um… what is there to say really?

I work in a machine shop, I enjoy listening to podcasts on science and skepticism and comedy. Not necessarily in the order. In fact, mostly not in the order, if anything comedy is first.

I love history, particularly ancient history. Archeology is one of my hobbies, I volunteer as often as I can for the local digs in my area. Perhaps as a direct consequence of this, I absolutely hate programs like Ancient Aliens. To me, history and archeology is about getting as close as possible to the real stories of people who are long gone and unable to tell us their stories in person any longer.

I don’t believe in an afterlife, but I do believe in stories. Once someone’s story is lost, they’re gone. Any work done to recover even a part of the story, brings a small part of the person back to life.


Yes, I’m not sure if that’s much to tell, but there it is. You might see more from me in the future, who knows.



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